Personal branding & networking

Achieving ambitions, obtaining projects and assignments, finding work, performing well and keeping it fun. This requires you to know people, find them and be found, but most of all to be noticed. Would you like to be noticed by people from your field, in your work environment or on the labour market? Would you like to learn how to profile yourself successfully and to be able to network easily? In this training you learn how to network more consciously. You start by stating your added value and ambition. You then learn how to communicate clearly and effectively about yourself in an interview, during your work and on social media.

Objective and outcome

After completing the training course:You will be more aware of your added value, your personal ‘brand’

  • You will have determined the target group through which you want to be noticed, your ‘market’;
  • You will know how you can approach the target group and how you can profile yourself, your ‘marketing’;
  • You will be able to present yourself in a distinctive way (pitch)
  • You will know how to expand and use your network and will be able to hold relaxed networking discussions
  • You will know how to use your pesonal ‘brand’ in for instance your CV and social media
  • You will have produced a Branding & Networking plan

Practical information


At the moment there are no dates available. If you are interested, please contact TOP. 

Times:9.00 - 16.30 & 9.00 - 13.00 respectively
Duration:1,5 days
Location:EUR Woudestein
Costs:The training is free for EUR staff. For employees of EUR Holding, Leiden University and Delft University of Technology, the cost is € 450 per participant.