Programme Personal branding & networking

This interactive training alternates between theory, self-research and practical assignments. Prior to the first day you will receive a preparatory assignment and brief theory.
We will get to work on the following topics:

1st day (full day)

  • Why others are successful
  • Model of Personal Branding
  • Clarifying your personal Brand
  • Making and practising the Pitch
  • First impressions and interview skills
  • Networking: bringing, obtaining and sharing
  • SWOT for Branding & Networking
  • Your Branding and Networking - plan

2nd day (one half day)

  • Reflecting on actions taken, sharing successes
  • Refining Branding and Networking plan
  • Resolving problems, answering questions and removing personal obstacles


Personal effectiveness: self-reflection, acting flexibly
Realisation & evaluation: entrepreneurship
Communicating & influencing: presenting, networking skills


The training will be given by Jacqueline Doomen from Maurice van Dijk Coaching.

Target group

The training is suitable if you do know who you are, what you can do and what you want, but do not yet know how you can position yourself in a clear and distinctive way at work, in your field and/or on the labour market and you are curious as to how you can obtain more from networking discussions.

If you do not yet have an answer to the questions ‘who am I, what can I do, what do I want?’ you should first register for ‘Reflect on your Career’. If you want to obtain more from LinkedIn after the 'Brand & Network' training, please enrol for the ‘LinkedIn’ training.


After completing the training course, you will receive a certificate of participation.