SPARRING is one-on-one practice with your own attitude and behaviour. You do this with a very experienced sparring partner who focuses entirely on your issues. There are no colleagues or managers looking on, no audio-visual media are used (no video recordings) and there is no one evaluating you. SPARRING should therefore not be compared to training: SPARRING is pure customisation. You work very intensively on your troublesome behavioural aspects and attitudes with which you deal in your work.

First you complete a digital start form. This will take about 10 minutes of your time and will give you and your sparring partner a clear understanding of your issues. Based on this your sparring partner will prepare a recognisable situation that will serve as the starting point during the session. During the SPARRING session you will not only become aware of your own blind spot but you will above all experiment with different behaviour. This will enable you to discover approaches that best suit you and that lead to results.

At the end you will receive a handy form where you can jot down the conclusions and the tips that you have received.


FactorVeermans in collaboration with Replay actors.

Target group

Sparring is for everyone who wants to improve his or her performance by becoming a more effective communicator – in any area whatsoever. For example, if you experience limitations to your own (behavioural) abilities. Or if your manager makes it clear that he/she expects better performance from you. Or within the scope of a coaching program where you want to focus on practical actions. SPARRING shortly before you need to have an important conversation can help you avoid not achieving the goal you have set for yourself due to your own blind spot.