Summer Workshop: Hack your meeting
Learn to run effective meetings

Summer Workshop: Hack your meeting

Are you attending too many lengthy, boring and energy-wasting meetings? Resulting in vague agreements and the clearest outcome being your heightened workload because there is even less time to do your work? 

About time to do something about it!

The workshop ‘hack your meeting’ will enable you to have shorter and more results-oriented meetings, which will lead to more excitement and energy as well as better results. The good news: it is relatively easy to realize.

This introductory workshop provides you with practical tools, tips and tricks and innovative meeting formats that will enable you to effectively change and optimize your meetings.

For whom?
This workshop is for all employees who recognize themselves in this scenario and who are looking for opportunities to attain more excitement and engagement during their meetings.

Week of Happiness at Work
This is a preview for the ‘Week of Happiness at Work’, which will take place in the last week of September. During this week, Erasmus University will pay further attention to happiness at work by offering various lectures and workshops. More information regarding this week’s programme will follow shortly.


Praktische informatie

Date: Thursday 23 August 
Time: 14.00 - 17.00


Duration: 1 meeting of 3 hours 
Location: EUR Woudestein 
Costs: Free for EUR employees