Leadership in Academia

Leadership programme for assistant and associate professors

Leadership in Academia

Leadership in Academia is an intensive and inspiring program in which you will develop  your leadership by learning and strengthening both the practical and reflective skills needed to lead yourself and others. The focus is on management skills and day-to-day leadership knowledge. You will be challenged to practice a lot, experiment between modules and ask for feedback. You will participate in this intensive program to reflect with EUR colleagues in the same role on leading yourself and others

The program will be facilitated by experienced trainers /coaches who will offer you tools, practice and feedback to boost your development and broaden your network of peers.


  • Increased understanding of yourself: your strengths, your values and beliefs – who you are/want to be as a leader in academia
  • More effectiveness in leading/managing individuals and groups/teams
  • Better understanding of dynamics of a group and how to handle differences that emerge in every group, to be able to create a safe working environment

Target group

  • You are assistant professor /associate professor
  • You are willing and able to schedule time to complete the entire program
  • You want to deepen your development as a leader, by being open about your own learning process and by being willing to contribute to the learning process of others

Practical information


Kick Off - 28th of March - 10.00-12.00

Duration:6 months
Location:De Rozenhof Rotterdam -  Nesserdijk 368, 3063 NE Rotterdam
Costs:€ 5200 per participant. Access to (and payment for) the course follows from a nomination by your school or institute.
Financing:If you want to use your department budget, you can request the budget number from your manager.
Target group:

Assistant Professor /Associate Professor

Other:You will receive a certificate after a participation of at least 80%.

Practical information


28th March 2023


Individual intakes

12th and 13th of April 2023 


Module 1

25th of April 2023


Intervision 1

15th and 16th of May 2023

Meeting of 2,5 hours per intervision group

Module 2

7th and 8th of June 2023


Intervision 2

4th and 6th of July 2023

Meeting of 2,5 hours per intervision group

Individual coaching

31st of August, 4th. 5th, and 6th of September 2023

Meeting of 1 hour

Module 3

19th and 20th of September 2023


Intervision 3

2nd and 5th of October 2023

Meeting of 2,5 hours per intervision group


Kick-off (2 hours), intake (1,5 hours), 5 module-days (Module 1, including evening program and dinner; Modules 2 and 3: each module has two consecutive days 9.00-17.00, no evening program), 3 intervision sessions (2,5 hours per session), coaching (1 hour). Each participant asks a mentor from the EUR-context coach her/him throughout the program. Participant and mentor make their own appointments.

Module 1 Personal leadership (9.00-22.00, including dinner)

This module is all about personal deepening and getting to know yourself as a leader. Using the outcomes of the Strengthsfinder Questionnaire you will gain insight into your limiting and helping beliefs regarding your roles, goals and skills. You will learn how to change your limiting beliefs with the aim of promoting sustainable personal change and development. You become aware of your own perceptions and how they color how you perceive/interpret others (and their talents). You get feedback from the other participants about what is already visible from your leadership. You will learn how you can use your talent(s) to set a good example.

Module 2 Leading individuals (two days: 9.00-17.00, no evening program)

This is a hands-on module, in which you are introduced to fundamental management theories and models and especially learn how to apply these 'glasses' to your own practice (dilemmas). You strengthen your leadership skills: you learn to make clear agreements about results and to give and receive feedback, you learn to connect with (the communication style of) others and you learn to coach co-workers in their development, to connect with others regardless of the content, to give, receive and build trust. Also you use the outcomes of the 360˚feedback instrument to expand the awareness of your own leadership style.

Module 3 Leading groups/teams (two days: 9.00-17.00, no evening program)

You will gain insight into the factors that influence group performance and will be given tools to deal with group dynamics. You know your own triggers in groups and become better in creating a safe working climate for yourself and others. We zoom in on inclusive leadership: you learn to facilitate an inclusive conversation, by actively looking for 'the other sound' in the room. You can bring ease into a group meeting, stimulate the group-/team-members to take responsibility for inclusive decision making. You have knowledge of how gender, cultural background and other visible and invisible diversity characteristics can impact the team dynamics.


  • Kick-off: This program starts with a kick-off of 2 hours (online)
  • Strengthsfinder: The learning-process starts by filling out the online Gallup Strengthsfinder questionnaire and finding out what your natural leadership talents are. The outcome of this questionnaire will help you craft your learning objectives for this programme. The outcome will also be used during the modules.
  • Mentor: after the kick-off you are invited to find a personal mentor who can guide you and inspire you during the program. This mentor is someone who also works at EUR. He or she can be an experienced leader or someone you think is the best person to guide you into the specific EUR dynamics. Preferably the mentor has previously followed a (Senior) Leadership in Academia Program. The mentor is invited to the intake meeting and during the program you will have several meetings with the mentor that you can schedule in your own pace.
  • Intake*: The intake is a conversation with one of the trainers and is intended to:
    • get acquainted and manage expectations
    • discuss the outcomes of the Strengthsfinder questionnaire and to set your personal learning objectives for the program
  • Three modules*
    • Module 1 – Personal leadership (one day, including evening program and dinner)
    • Module 2 – Leading individuals (two consecutive days, no evening program)
    • Module 3 – Leading groups/teams (two consecutive days, no evening program)
  • 360°-feedback: after the first module you will use the Ardis 360˚feedback instrument with a customised competency set. In the second module you will reflect on the outcomes of this feedback instrument.
  • Peer coaching/intervision: three sessions of 2,5 hours per session in a small group
  • Coaching: one session of one hour with the trainer/coach

* ​​​​​​If Covid-19 measures do not allow us to offer the programme offline, the programme will be offered online. We realise that working online requires a different kind of energy and is of a different intensity. The specific characteristics of working online (opportunities and obstacles) are taken into account.

The program consists of three learning lines:

  • A collective learning line which offers a number of modules.
  • An individual learning line where you work on your personal learning goals.
  • A practical learning line in which you work on a in your own context on a concrete action-experiment (applying what you have learned during the module) 
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