Leadership in Academia

Leadership programme for assistant and associate professors

Leadership in Academia

Leadership in Academia is an intensive and inspiring program in which you will develop your leadership skills by learning and strengthening both the practical and reflective skills needed to coach others e.g. PhD students, to lead research programs and enhance effective collaborations in the different groups you work with. You will be challenged to practice a lot, experiment between modules and ask for feedback. In this intensive program you will reflect with EUR colleagues in similar positions on how to increase your personal impact towards achieving your goals.

The program will be facilitated by experienced trainers /coaches who will offer you tools, practice, and feedback to boost your development and broaden your network of peers.


  • Increased understanding of yourself and enhancement of your personal leadership: your strengths, your values and beliefs – who you are/want to be as a professional in academia
  • More effectiveness in influencing and leading others and/or teams towards achieving results
  • Better understanding of dynamics of a group and how to handle differences that emerge in every group, to be able to create an effective and safe working environment

Target group

  • You are assistant professor /associate professor
  • You currently lead, coach or supervise colleagues.
  • You can bring at least two cases where you are in a leadership/coordinating role and where you would like to have more grip on.
  • You are motivated to deepen your (personal) development & leadership skills, to reflect on your own learning process and to contribute to the learning process of others
  • You are willing and able to schedule time to complete the entire program

Practical information


Kick Off - 11 September 2023- 09.00-11.00
(Registration is possible until 25 September. If you miss the Kick-off, a suitable solution will be sought with you)

Duration:6 months
Location:To be determined
Costs:€ 5200 per participant
Financing:If you want to use your department budget, you can request the budget number from your manager.
Target group:

Assistant Professor /Associate Professor

Other:You will receive a certificate after a participation of at least 80%.

Practical information


11 September 2023


Individual intakes

Meeting of 1 hour
3, 4, 23 and 26 Oktober

EUR Woudestein

Module 1

6 and 7 November 2023

To be determined

Intervision 1

13 December 2023

Morning or afternoon

Module 2

22 and 23th of January 2024

To be determined

Intervision 2

6 February 2024

Morning or afternoon 

Individual coaching

28 and 29th of February 2024

Meeting of 1 hour
EUR Woudestein

Intervision 3

12 and 13th of March 2024

To be determined

Module 3

11 April 2024

With an evening programme


Kick-off (online, 2 hours), intake (live, 1,5 hours), 5 live module-days (Modules 1 and 2: each module has two consecutive days, no evening program; module 3 is one day that ends with an evening program and dinner), 3 peer coaching sessions (online, 2,5 hours per session), 1 coaching session (live, 1 hour). Each participant asks a mentor from the EUR-context to coach her/him throughout the program. Participant and mentor make their own appointments.

Module 1 Leading yourself and others (two consecutive days, 09.00-17.00 no evening programme)

Effective leadership is pivotal to achieving many organisational objectives. Personal leadership is about leading yourself in the complex academic context, no matter in which stage or role you are. By following this module you gain more insight in yourself and your behaviour as a professional and a (future) leader. So you can make better choices for yourself and others.

The first day of this module we will focus on getting to know each other better and creating a safe and challenging learning space. Using the outcomes of the Strengthsfinder assessment you will work on raising self-awareness by reflecting on your core qualities, your pitfalls and leadership challenges.

The second day of the module is hands-on. We will introduce the basics of leading others and how to apply these into your own context. You will learn how to build trust, give and receive feedback and coach co-workers in their development. In the afternoon you will practice with a training actor to prepare for a real-life conversation you will have after the first module. You will receive personal feedback.

Module 2 Leading individuals (two days: 9.00-17.00)

In your role and position you maintain a dialogue with a diverse group of colleagues and collaborative partners. To increase your influence in these relationships leadership skills such as contacting and contracting, making clear agreements and building trust are essential. In this module you will learn these skills and while working with training actors you are also provided the opportunity to experiment with these skills.

The second day of the module we zoom in on inclusive leadership: you gain knowledge of how gender, cultural background and other visible and invisible diversity characteristics impact the team dynamics. An EUR senior HR Diversity & Inclusion Policy Advisor will give a workshop on Diversity and Inclusion.

In the afternoon we will work on your personal leadership style using the outcomes of the 360 feedback instrument.

Module 3 Leading groups/teams (one day: 9.00-22.00,  with an evening programme)

In this module you will gain insight into the factors that influence group performance and will be given tools to deal with group dynamics. You know your own triggers in groups and become better in creating a safe working climate for yourself and others.

To effectively impact others it is crucial to take others along, to show them the road. Telling a compelling story makes an impact. This module we focus on your professional story; who do you want to be as a leader. You will be inspired by film footage to sharpen your leadership story.

Since it is the last day of the program we will conclude by reflecting on where you are now, on harvesting what this course has brought you and on the next steps you want to take on your path to making an impact. With a collective dinner we end the journey you made as a group.


  • Kick-off: This program starts with a kick-off of 2 hours (online)

  • Strengthsfinder: The learning-process starts by filling out the online Gallup Strengthsfinder questionnaire and finding out what your natural leadership talents are. The outcome of this questionnaire will help you craft your learning objectives for this programme. The outcome will also be used during the modules.

  • Mentor: after the kick-off you are invited to find a personal mentor who can guide you and inspire you during the program. This mentor is someone who also works at EUR. He or she can be an experienced leader or someone you think is the best person to guide you into the specific EUR dynamics. Preferably the mentor has previously followed a (Senior) Leadership in Academia Program.

    During the program you will have several meetings with the mentor that you can schedule in your own pace.

  • Intake: a conversation with one of the trainers is intended to:

    • get acquainted and manage expectations
    • discuss the outcomes of the Strengthsfinder questionnaire and to set your personal learning objectives for the program
  • Three modules:
    • Module 1 – Leading yourself and others (two consecutive days, no evening program)
    • Module 2 – Increasing your influence (two consecutive days, no evening program)
    • Module 3 – Increasing your impact in groups /teams (one day, including evening programe)
  • 360°-feedback: as part of the Leadership program, we ask you to fill in a 360º feedback tool and collect feedback from your colleagues. We will reflect on the outcomes of this feedback tool during the first peer coaching session.

    Peer coaching: three sessions of 2,5 hours per session in a small group

    Coaching: one session of one hour with the trainer/coach

The program consists of three learning lines:

  • A collective learning line which offers a number of modules.
  • An individual learning line where you work on your personal learning goals.
  • A practical learning line in which you work on a in your own context on a concrete action-experiment (applying what you have learned during the module)
  • Schematic representation of the trajectory of Leadership in Academia programme

The program consists of three learning lines:

  • A collective learning line which offers a number of modules.
  • An individual learning line where you work on your personal learning goals.
  • A practical learning line in which you work on a in your own context on a concrete action-experiment (applying what you have learned during the module) 
schematic representation of the trajectory of Leadership in Academia programme

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