Effective self-management

Efficient and stress-free work- and cooperation training

Are you experiencing any work pressure and/or stress now, are you short of time or working too much, is your head restless, does your agenda fill up or overfill, do you have high expectations to meet, do you have many interruptions, or do you have to work on an ad hoc basis (for example, partly due to the Corona measures)? Or do you not sufficiently get around to what you would like to do in a day, and do you perhaps work more hours than you would like? Then this training might be a perfect fit for you!

The training 'Effective self-management' is meant for young scientists (including tutors, teachers, PhD’s, Postdocs and UD's) who want to get more grip on their current work situation. The training creates awareness of your own habits and offers tools to bring more structure to them. This should ultimately lead to a reduction in work pressure, but also to more job satisfaction and fulfilment (through rest and balance, among other things). The training teaches you to know your limits, to indicate them and to guard them.

We are starting with a pilot, and partly because of this the training is initially only available to the specific target group. If successful, we will roll out the training more widely in the organisation.

Practical information

Dates17 March & 7 April (2x1 hours individual coaching sessions on 12 May & 30 June)
Training hours9.00-16.00

3 hours plenary and 4 hours individual sessions including one on one coaching

CostsFree for EUR staff
Target group


Max number of participants12
In case this pilot succeeds, there might be an English version too.

  • Overview and structure of your work activities and habits, grip on ad-hoc matters, setting priorities, monitoring boundaries and more focus.
  • Tangible time savings (10-20%): working on matters that are important to you.
  • Peace of mind, less workload and stress, more balance between work, home, and yourself.

  • Awareness of your own work habits (attitude, behaviour, communication).
  • Structuring your workload, email, information, and other resources.
  • Making your responsibilities, priorities, and personal values visible.
  • Systematically managing time, core tasks, priorities, and responsibilities.
  • Reducing work pressure, more job satisfaction, peace, and balance
  • Personal leadership.

Young scientists who want to work more from rest and relaxation and better indicate and monitor their limits. So that you will experience more control over your time and get a good balance between work, home, and yourself.

The training is provided by Jolanda Verstraate of CiEP.

About Jolanda
After years of working in the business world, I decided 12 years ago to follow my wish and to use my knowledge and experience in a different way into action. I am an enthusiastic, practical trainer and coach with a people-oriented approach. With lightness and pleasure, I allow people to take a close look at their own way of working, whereby I like to work towards a concrete and lasting result. Visible, measurable and tangible. My dream is to make it possible for everyone to work with more ease and pleasure. I prefer to do this in education and health care related fields.

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