Lab of life training
Work-Life Balance for PhD's

Work-Life Balance for PhD's

Do you want to learn how to turn an intention into behavior?

Feeling great, both at home and at your work. This Lab of Life training helps working people to identify habits and patterns that prevent them from feeling comfortable. Employees change this situation into constructive behavior and learn how they can adjust their behavior themselves. In this way employees will be able to independently ensure that they are agile and resilient in the future.

Research shows that a behavioral change is not just a matter of a desire to change, but rather a matter of doing. Here is where the power of The Lab of Life lies.
We use the latest scientifically proven techniques for effective behavior change.

In the training you will gain more self-knowledge and insights in your behavior. As Lab of Life is a solution-focused method, you will also look for ways how to improve your daily life in order to stay vital and motivated.

For which situations is The Lab of Life training suitable?

  • Increasing mental and physical vitality
  • An optimal balance between work and private time
  • Decreasing stress level and experience of workload
  • Prevention and decreasing burn-out problems
  • Stimulating working performance & increasing working ability
  • Increasing enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation
  • Development of self-steering ability and personal leadership

Practical information


11, 25 January, 8, 22 February & 8 March 2021

Time:14.00 - 16.00
Duration:5 x 2 hours

€ 281,- You can use your personal career budget to pay for this course.

Target audience: 

PhD candidates from Erasmus University

Other:You will receive a certificate after a participation of at least 80%.
  • Research shows that change is not so much a matter of will, but rather a matter of doing it. The biggest obstacle here is a natural resistance to change. Even when people really want to change, unconscious processes in the brain try to keep everything as it is. To break this resistance to change, we use scientifically proven psychological techniques and mechanisms like implementation intentions and self-efficacy. The method has been tested on effectivity at Radboud University.

    To get from wanting to doing in a short time, a training model is developed that results in lasting behavioral change in only five sessions. To guarantee results, the personal learning goals and vitality strategy are recorded in an online environment that participants can continue to access after the training.


    Session 1: Personal analysis energylevel

    Session 2: Responding to physical and mental signals

    Session 3: Reflection on personal qualities, values and goals

    Session 4: Creating a personal strategy

    Session 5: Evaluation and securing

  • Participants will receive a personal workbook that will be filled out during the sessions. Furthermore, you gain access to an online tool on which you can develop new goals and/or secure your progress.

  • The training will be given by Iris Bergwerff-van der Giessen, psychologist, who focuses mainly on (work)stress related issues.
    Within the EUR she works as a psychologist for PhD’s who are dealing with psychological problems.


  • PhD’s who want to:

    • Increase mental and physical vitality
    • Create an optimal balance between work and private time
    • Decrease stress level and experience of workload
    • Prevent and decrease burn-out problems
    • Stimulate their working performance & increase working ability
    • Increase enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation
    • Develop their self-steering ability and personal leadership