Your next step (ENG)

What am I really looking for in a job? What’s the next step in my career? What do I have to offer to another employer or supervisor? If the possibilities were endless, would I...? Questions that many of us ask at one time or another. Good questions to take charge of your career so you get - even more - energy, enjoyment and satisfaction from your job. Your Next Step answers questions like: Who am I? What are my strengths and what do I want? How do I get there? As opposed to a longer individual process with a career coach, you will find your answers much more quickly, you will receive feedback, ideas and experiences from your group, spend three half-days away from work, and all the while you will be expanding your network.

Goal and result

In this training

  • You’ll create an up-to-date self-image;
  • You’ll formulate the follow-up steps for your career;
  • You’ll write up a plan to realise your wish.

Practical information

Dates:3 and 12 October 2022

3 October: 9.00 - 13.00
12 October: 9.00 - 14.00

Duration:0,5 day + follow-up meeting of 30 minutes

This training is offered free of charge to EUR employees. If the enrollment is canceled by the participant outside the specified period (see cancellation conditions), an amount of €291 will be charged.

Participants of Leiden University, Delft University and EUR Holding pay €291 per participant.

Other: You will receive a certificate after a participation of at least 80%.

This interactive training alternates between brief theory, self-research and practical assignments. Prior to the first day of the programme, you will receive a preparatory assignment.

We will get to work on the following topics:

  • Me: You’ll make an inventory of your strengths, what you (really) enjoy doing, and what you feel is most important in your job. To aid you in this, you will look at your skill set, qualities, knowledge, needs, and motivational factors in your work.
  • Future: You’ll explore what your ideal next step or other alternative could be. To do this, you will take an in-depth look at your interests, passion, wishes and needs and convert these into work activities, work environment and roles. These three aspects form a solid foundation for you to come up with potential positions and (types of) organisations.
  • Action plan: Using a plan, you will determine how you will reach your Next Step. You’ll chart a clear-cut course with activities you need to undertake to bring you (closer) to your goal. Feedback and ideas from other participants will enhance your plan. At the same time you will learn to recognise what’s holding you back and what you need to reach your goal.

Personal effectiveness: self-reflection, acting flexibly,
Realisation & evaluation: entrepreneurship

The training will be given by Marion Miezenbeek, Nanette Compeer, and Nicole van Dijk (career coaches at EUR)

This training is for you if you want or need to take a moment to contemplate the next step(s) in your career. Or if you are considering whether you want to, or need to, change your job or work environment, but are unsure of what you have to offer or how to get there.

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