Your next step (ENG)

  • What do you really want in work and how do you choose what suits you?
  • What gives you job satisfaction, fulfilment and energy?
  • Where is your added value?
  • What is the next step in your career?

The training will give you answers to these questions. In two half-day sessions, you get a new perspective for your future.

The training is suitable if you want to think about the next step in your career. Or if you want to change your job and/or work environment, but do not have a clear idea of where your opportunities lie. What your talents are and how you can take steps towards your goal or dream.

Unlike in an individual coaching trajectory, you will get answers and insights in a relatively short period of time. You receive feedback and ideas from the group and share experiences with each other. You really get away from work and expand your network at the same time.

Goal and result

At the end of the training, you will:

  • Have insights of yourself, and know your core values
  • Have (re)discovered your talents and competences
  • Know what your obstacles are
  • Experience what energises you in work
  • Have a vision of the future of your career
  • Go home with a concrete plan

Practical information

Dates:9 & 29 April 2024

09.00- 13.00

Duration:2 x 4 hours
Location:EUR Woudestein | Langeveld 5.02

This training is offered free of charge to EUR employees. If the enrollment is canceled by the participant outside the specified period (see cancellation conditions), an amount of €291 will be charged.

Participants of EUR Holding pay €291 per participant.

Other: You will receive a certificate after a participation of at least 80%.

This interactive training alternates short theory, self-examination, and experiential assignments. Prior to the first day, you will receive an intake form and a home assignment to hand in a fortnight before the training.

We will work on the following topics:

  • Who am I; what do I stand for and what are my core values and do I see them reflected in work?
  • What do I want; what do I (really) enjoy doing and gives me satisfaction and energy?
  • What can I do; what are my talents, competences and added value?
  • How do I get there; how do I get moving towards my goal and what is the first step towards change.

You map out a concrete path with actions that bring you closer to your goal. You will also gain insight into what is holding you back and what can help you realise your goal.

Personal leadership, self-reflection, engagement

EUR staff: academic staff and professional services staff

Nanette Compeer

Nanette is a Noloc-certified career professional and completed the NONONS senior practitioner level training course. she uses various methods and is particularly a fan of ACT (Acceptance en Commitment Therapy).

Her mission: "I believe everyone deserves to have a job that makes them happy and gives them a sense of satisfaction. A job where your qualities are used to their fullest potential and where your talent is noticed. A position that reflects your values and allows you to be yourself. This enables you to thrive and have a positive impact on yourself and on those around you. These are the things I stand for."

Nicole van Dijk

Nicole is convinced that there's a job out there for everyone where it all comes together: you do what you love, what you’re good at and you get paid well for it. She has an eye for who you are and what makes you unique. Together with you, she will translate these qualities into work that suits you. In doing so, she deploys a variety of experiential methodologies.

Nicole has over 25 years of work experience in a variety of sectors (IT, education, government). She previously worked as a communications advisor before making a career switch to coaching. She has taken several training courses and is a Noloc-certified Career Professional, a certified life coach, and a sustainable employability consultant.

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