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TOP offers EUR employees the possibility to use GoodHabitz' online training platform. 

Through this platform you have access to 140 courses, ranging from Excel and language training to personal development. So there's something for everyone.

.A low-threshold way of learning something new, because you determine when, what and how you learn. And you can continue learning, because the range is extended every month.

Solve problems in a creative way

Get acquainted with Design thinking

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Organize your thoughts

Learn how to mind map

Mind Mapping
Improve cooperation

Learn to give feedback in a constructive way

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How to deal with differences?

Develop your intercultural competence

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Good Habitz

How does it work?

Via https://goodhabitz.eur.nl/ you can access the GoodHabitz training programme. You can then very easily find a training programme per category. Did you temporarily stop a training programme? If so, you can easily resume where you left off.

Do you find the range rather overwhelming? Do the GoodScan and discover in around 12 minutes which training programmes would suit you. 

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Do you have questions about GoodHabitz? Contact TOP. 

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