Design your career in a creative way

Design your career

‘Even though I came to the workshop with a rather vague question, the way the program and the coaching is designed, you end up in a pressure cooker where you really get to the heart of the matter! A wonderful approach in which the mirroring provided by the other participants is a crucial component. I can truly say I’m leaving the workshop with a product.’

Performing well in your job in a continuously shifting context requires a mindset where ongoing personal development is one of those things that goes without saying. This is also referred to as ‘lifelong learning’. A lifelong learning mindset is something you can learn. In this workshop we will use Design Thinking to do just that.

Design Thinking (DT) is a way of thinking and doing where you develop new solutions for existing issues using a practical and creative approach. Empathy, reflection, dialogue, creativity and collaboration are essential starting points for the Design Thinking process.

During the ‘Design Your Career’ workshop, everyone will work on their own issues they are facing in their career. Together with the other participants, you will take an in-depth look at your question, you will explore your options, and we will create new opportunities you are not even aware of.

Goals and results

  • Experiencing a process that makes continuous learning a possibility.
  • Mastering a growth mindset that encourages self-reflection, feedback, creativity, experimentation and action.
  • Using fundamental collaboration as a way of benefiting from each other’s wisdom and creativity.
  • Coming up with new ideas, solutions and opportunities using co-creation and creativity. 
  • Uncovering the question behind the question and transforming it into concrete answers and activities.

Practical information

Date:23 April & 18 June 2020

Day 1: 9.00 – 17.00

Day 2: 9.00 - 12.30

Location:EUR Woudestein
Costs:€ 819,00
Target group:

The workshop is meant for all Professional Services employees.

  • Day 1:
    Morning program

    Introduction and getting acquainted

    Empathy (an in-depth look)

    • A deeper exploration of the question behind the question.
    • Exploring the needs, important values and underlying emotions related to the question.

    Giving meaning (bring into focus)

    • What are the key insights? What is it really about?
    • Reformulate the question into an action-oriented challenge.
    Day 1:
    Afternoon program 


    • Brainstorming and a broad exploration of your possibilities, options and opportunities using co-creation.
    • Visualising new ideas and possibilities that provide an answer to your challenge.


    • Choosing and visualising the solution that provides direction and energy and challenges you.
    • Make a concrete prototype that gives an impetus to take action. 
    Day 2: 


    • Reflecting on the result based on practice.
    • Receiving feedback. 

     Iteration (fine-tuning the process)

    • Intensifying the focus on the challenge by making adjustments and taking a more in-depth look. 
    • Fine-tuning the prototype and formulating a concrete next step. 


  • The workshop will be given by Plonie Smink and Annemarijn Hoorens.