Prepare for P&D conversations

Managing performance, coaching development

This course will show how P&D conversations can be used to achieve organisational objectives and development. The course consists of a theory component and a practice component where participants will have the opportunity to practice conducting a difficult conversation with an actor.

The following themes will be covered in the course:

  • How can I create a clear vision of the department’s/unit’s objectives?
  • How can I use the P&D conversations to steer the focus towards the department’s/unit’s objectives?
  • What are some commonly voiced dilemmas with regard to the P&D conversation and issues faced by employees.
  • How do I make clear performance agreements?
  • How do I give clear feedback so that the person receiving it really hears what I am saying?
  • How do I provide guidance for development in the current job role and how do I discuss career prospects?
  • How do I provide development-oriented coaching and performance-oriented guidance throughout the year?

Preparation: we would like to ask to you to go to the website - where you will find complete information about the P&D process and the form. An HR consultant will be present during each training session to answer any questions you might have.

Practical information


22 February 2021


13.30 - 17.00

Duration:3,5 hours

This training is offered free of charge to EUR employees. If the enrollment is canceled by the participant outside the specified period (see cancellation conditions), an amount of €285 will be charged.

Participants of EUR Holding pay €285.

Other:You will receive a certificate for your participation.
    • Giving and receiving feedback efficiently
    • Setting clear objectives and progress goals (SMART)
    • Development coaching
    • Phases in conversation
    • Clear conversation and addressing one’s performance and conduct in an empathic way
    • Dealing with responses to feedback
    • Engaging an employee in a conversation
  • Guiding & supervising; Communicating & influencing.

  •  Vincent Hendriks - Ardis.

  • This training is intended for managers of support and management staff and of academic staff.