Become a great meeting leader

Workshop Chairing an effective meeting

Discover how to lead meetings differently for more work pleasure! Would you like to have more result-oriented meetings with motivated participants? Meetings that go beyond being just a mirror of your team culture and become a breeding ground for the culture you are seeking? As a meeting leader, you are the one who can catalyse change by designing conversations differently, purposefully giving participants space and making clear decisions and actions. 

This workshop will bring your meeting leadership to the next level. You will get practical tools on how to transform your meetings into a breeding ground for your team culture. And you will be able to start immediately with some first tricks and tips after the workshops. Come and get a kickstart to become a great meeting leader for more workpleasure.

This workshop is for people who regularly chair meetings. The language of this workshop is basically Dutch, we will change to English if we have non-Dutch participants. 

Practical information

Date:11 September 2019
Time:9.00 - 12.00 
Duration:0.5 day
Location:EUR Woudestein
Costs:Participation is free for EUR employees