Workshop Effective & pleasant working from home

Working from home in times of corona. How do you make it work?

It is now even more important to handle your time well, because there is so much pressure. Not being distracted, being productive and remaining engaged in the work is already a challenge for many people in normal times. For those who now have to work from home, this is often certainly the case.

Working from home means doing your job without what you enjoy or hold on to in your regular workplace. In some cases you will have to let go of what you are used to. In other cases, you have to organise things in a different way.

This online workshop provides tips and insights in the field of time and self-management focused on the current situation. Participants also get the opportunity to share challenges and possible solutions with each other. This helps in acceptance and movement towards a better situation.

Practical information


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Times:9.00 - 12.30
Duration:3,5 hours
Location:This is an interactive online training supervised by a trainer.


If you enroll for this training but are absent without notifying us we charge costs for participation (€105,80 per participant)


Do you want to use your personal career budget? Make sure you submit your application to our colleagues on time. Read more here.

If you want to use your department budget, you can request the budget number from your manager.

The language of instruction is Dutch unless English-speaking participants are present. Please indicate your preferred language on the registration form (this can be done in the field intended for the invoice address).


You will receive a certificate after a participation of at least 80%.

We look at how you deal with the current situation and what you can and cannot influence (anymore). You will learn to structure this new homework reality. You also practice recognising what is important and/or urgent and what is not. In addition, the role of stress and how you can recharge during and after your working day will be discussed.

During the workshop the following topics will be discussed:

  • Introduction to time management in corona times
  • Dealing with a new reality: attitude and influence
  • Prioritise and distribute work well
  • Structure of your working day
  • Physical work environment
  • Organising resources
  • Stress and energy
  • Personal action plan

All colleagues who want to work more effectively and pleasantly from home.

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Recognising and applying resources
  • Setting priorities
  • Stress resistance

Ron de Jong is senior coach and specialist in the field of work experience. More information can be found on (in Dutch).



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