Your heart as a coach - heart intelligence

Make more use of your heart intelligence

Recognize that: thoughts that just grind? We work a lot of overtime with the 'intelligence' of our brains. But we also have another 'intelligence', namely that of our heart. And we can learn to use it.

In the training 'Your heart as a coach' you will learn a powerful method to use your heart intelligence to get answers to questions that are important to you.

Personal answers that go beyond your emotions and beliefs. You get insights from a different perspective. 

"Your heart intelligence is one of the greatest sources of power in your life."


  • You increase your inner peace and ability to put things into perspective.
  • You are more balanced in choices based on more (self) trust.
  • You are more effective and efficient in your work and private situations.
  • You see (new) directions.
  • You make more use of your intuition.
  • You can handle your time more efficiently, set priorities better.
  • You develop a better work-life balance.

Gregg Braden

Author of 'Man as Design' and closely associated with the Heart Math Institute California.

Practical information


6 and 20 of March & 3  and 17 of April 2023

Times:9.30 - 12.30
Duration:4 half-days

€ 488,00 per participant 


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Number of participants:Maximum of 8 participants

You will receive a certificate after a participation of at least 80%.

The training consists of four meetings.

First meeting

  • What is heart intelligence?
  • The method 'Heart Intelligence - the wisdom from your heart

Second meeting

  • The power of your thoughts and emotions (scientific basis)
  • The influence of your heart's intelligence on your thoughts and emotions

Third and fourth meeting

  • The model "the creative power of the heart
  • The influence of your heart intelligence on your creative power

Use your head and your heart
Combining your heart intelligence with the intelligence from your head is a powerful combination.
Valuable in situations that demand a lot of your creativity and flexibility.

By using your heart intelligence you get personal answers. As you read them, you will realize that these are not your thoughts, but answers from your intuition.

The methodology is based on:

Wisdom from ancient cultures: Cherokee Indians call this intuition 'the one eye of the heart'.
Scientific expertise: The Hearth Math Institute California conducts scientific research into these qualities of the heart.

You can ask yourself questions about your work and private situation, like:

  • How can I improve the relationship with ...?
  • What is important to me?
  • How do I increase my confidence in ...?
  • What does this situation bring me?
  • What gives me more decisiveness?
  • Is this an appropriate solution for ...?
  • Which choice suits me?
  • Which career step suits me?
  • Management issues

The training is provided by Kirsten-Ann Sontrop, health scientist and developer of the training 'Your heart as a coach'.


"We have our heart intelligence from birth. But because of limiting beliefs, emotions and stressful situations, we make less contact with it.

With this powerful method you learn to use your heart intelligence and you have access to the beautiful wisdom from your heart every moment"

More about Kirsten-Ann

What do participants say about the training 'Your heart as a coach'?

"Writing with my heart has increased my self-awareness, it has given me strength! Power to look at myself in a positive way, and at someone else and situations. It gives clarity, peace and confidence in yourself and in the future. The confidence that you can always ask your heart for advice, that you will always get an answer, know that you can handle difficulties, and that you don't have to run for it. That you dare to make choices based on who you really are. Know where my strength lies! "Knowing that gives you peace of mind!"

"It's brought me so much. Where I was a bit sceptical at first, I really started to feel it when I was writing. Answers from my heart opened up new opportunities and paths in life. This course should be taken by everyone!"

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