Cooperation across boundaries

Solutions for better cooperation between teams
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EUR is a large organisation with many different teams working within it. These teams may vary a great deal from each other. Cooperation can therefore be difficult. A session involving multiple teams can help improve their mutual cooperation. In this way, we work together to create a top university. 


    • Together with partners in the process, explore how you can create more connection and better cooperation.
    • Together with partners in the process, achieve supported decisions and workable agreements.


    With your partners in the process, you can:

    • Cooperate better with more commitment
    • Coordinate more easily and more regularly
    • Build on clear agreements
    • Organise a better and higher quality client experience.

    Each team is unique, as are the issues facing teams internally. For that reason, we develop an approach tailored to your situation. The first session consists of a joint diagnosis and search for the desired situation.

    We explicitly take the time for ‘a good conversation' 
during which the interests, concerns, wishes and goals of all concerned are addressed. 

    We work with the following forms, including: 

    • Integrative decision making: harness the wisdom of the group.
    • Chain game: experience how the different interests are related and the resulting dynamics and how you can manage these dynamics.
    • Action learning: build on innovation while learning together how you can shape the desired change.

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