Creating a top team

Tailored team development
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Teams are diverse, as are the issues facing teams internally.
Issues that could be addressed during a team session:

  • A new team (either merged or new), which needs clarity about goals, results and more mutual trust.
  • Maintenance for the team, ‘it’s going well, but it could do better at some points'.
  • The team has a problem, in whatever area, which is hampering cooperation.


  • An optimally functioning team.


You have answers to your team question, for example in the field of:

  • Common purpose: what is our goal? 
  • Team organisation: what is our work process, how do we manage and organise ourselves? (hard side) 
  • Team dynamics: how do we work together, what are our qualities and pitfalls, how do we address each other? (soft side)

Each team is unique, as are the issues facing teams internally. For that reason, we develop an approach tailored to your situation. Based on a telephone intake, we explore your situation and help clarify your team issue. 

Besides (active) team exercises and simulations, we take the time for ‘a good conversation'. 

We work with the following forms, including: 

  • Team days based on instruments such as Insights Discovery
  • Team coaching
  • Being with the team in the workplace, for example during team meetings

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