Less stress with mindfulness


Current facets (Pre-Master)

Our work inevitably generates a certain amount of stress, due to deadlines, work that needs to be finished under pressure of time, as well as all the e-mails that need to be answered in between everything else.

Mindfulness meditation is a way of being in the moment. This helps you become aware of your emotional and physical reactions to situations, something which we are barely conscious of in our daily and working lives. By becoming more aware of how you respond emotionally and physically to a situation, you can identify stress faster. This gives you the chance to turn off your automatic pilot and act more consciously, rather than just reacting from habit or reflex, and thus act more appropriately in difficult situations.

Goal & result

After taking part in this programme, participants have:

  • Experience with different forms of mindfulness meditation
  • A concrete plan to apply mindfulness at work
  • More insight into when they are stressed and how to manage that stress
  • Less time spent worrying so fewer feelings of sombreness and anxiety
  • Better concentration on the task at hand

Praktische informatie

Data: 28 september, 5, 12, 19 October, 2, 9, 16, 23 November 
Tijden: 10.00 - 12.00


Duur: 8 meetings of 2 hours 
Locatie: EUR Woudestein 
Kosten: € 585 per deelnemer 
  • Sachlan Apil

  • For people who notice that stress at work has a negative influence on their performance.

    For people who notice that, before or perhaps after a situation, they worry about how it will go or should have gone. People who notice that all this thinking makes them feel sombre or anxious.