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Every month (except in June, July and August) the Erasmus Data Service Centre provides workshops that explain the use of our financial databases.

These workshops are organized by topic (i.e. stock prices, mergers and annual report data) This makes it possible to compare ways to collect the same data from different databases in a single workshop.

We make an exception for Bloomberg: we notice that for a lot of users this it the most difficult database to use. And collecting data from this system differs greatly depending on your topic.  That's why we will still offer a workshop specifically aimed at this particular database.

1Mergers & acquisitions, IPOWednesday15.00-16.00 
2Stocks, indices & index constituentsThursday16.00-17.00 
3Annual report dataMonday15.00-16.00 
3CEO & BoardTuesday16.00-17.00 
4Identifiers & merging your data (Excel/Stata)Friday15.00-16.00 
1Database: BloombergTuesday16.00-17.00 

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Bloomberg workshop

We have a separate electronic calendar for our Bloomberg workshop.