Young Erasmus Academy

About the Young Erasmus Academy

The Young Erasmus Academy (YEA) is a network of young scientists that was founded in April 2013 at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).

Young Erasmus has 18 members. They represent a broad spectrum of scientific and scholarly disciplines and work at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Young Erasmus Academy (YEA) response on van Rijn Report

“The members of the YEA join the KNAW and other Young Academies in expressing their deep concerns…”

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Pauline Jansen

Kids, Food, and Guilt | Pauline Jansen | TEDxErasmusUniversityRotterdam

Meike Vernooij

Unravelling Our Brain’s Wiring | Meike Vernooij | TEDxErasmusUniversityRotterdam

Liesbeth van Rossum

Solutions for the obesity epidemic | Liesbeth van Rossum | TEDxErasmusUniversity

Who is in charge of the future of the internet? | Payal Arora | TEDxErasmusUniversity

Patrick Verwijmeren

Forensic finance | Patrick Verwijmeren | TEDxErasmusUniversity

Aurelien Baillon

Tell the Truth | Aurelien Baillon | TEDxErasmusUniversity

The gap between planning and doing | Kirsten Rohde | TEDxErasmusUniversity

Ellen van de Poel at TedXEUR

Curing health care systems | Ellen van de Poel | TEDxErasmusUniversity