Public talks and lectures

From TEDxTalks at Erasmus University to inaugural lectures, the members of Young Erasmus Academy (YEA) are actively involved in strengthening of the profile of the EUR within the public domain.

See our previous talks during TedXErasmus University Rotterdam on the central theme: 'Building a better world'. How are innovation and imagination driving change and shaping the world of tomorrow? Watch the videos below.

  • Delia Dumitrica: 'Can film provide a shared language for activism?'

    Can film provide a shared language for activism? Political communication expert Delia Dumitrica on how films help and hinder protest movements popularize their political message

    Delia Dumitrica
  • Pauline Jansen: 'Kids, Food and Guilt'

    What can parents do when children eat too little or too much? Associate professor Pauline Jansen challenges the advice parents can find online using recent evidence from her research group.

    Pauline Jansen - TedX
  • Patrick Verwijmeren: 'Forensic Finance'

    In the financial world, insiders frequently take advantage of outsiders. This outsider could be you, or your pension fund! Patrick Verwijmeren talks about how crime-fighting professors can restore some trust in financial markets.

    Patrick Verwijmeren
  • Meike Vernooij: 'Unravelling Our Brain's Wiring'

    How can technology change our understanding of how disease develops? Professor Meike Vernooij explains how computers reveal information that could not be perceived by just looking at brain scans, thus providing new insights into dementia.

    Meike Vernooij - TedX
  • Aurelien Baillion: 'Tell the Truth'

    People are sometimes ashamed of admitting socially undesirable behaviour, for instance, when answering surveys... so they lie! Professor Aurelien Baillon explains how making people bet on what others did or think reveals what they themselves did or think.

    Aurelien Baillon - TedX
  • Payal Arora: 'Who's in charge of the future of the Internet?'

    If you are curious about what the future of the internet will look like, you need to start by understanding what half of the world’s population who live on 2$ a day do online. Payal Arora takes you on a different journey about the future of the Internet, one infused with sex, romance, socializing, and gaming.

  • Ellen van de Poel: 'Curing health care systems'

    Ellen van de Poel - TedX

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