Our education

International classroom

Every year, Erasmus University Rotterdam welcomes more and more international students: over 20% of our entire student body at last check, with students from abroad accounting for about 50% of our English-taught international programmes. Our commitment to education with a truly global perspective goes further than offering a wide variety of bachelor and master programmes in English; the content, teaching methods, and lecturers of our international programmes all reflect your, and our, global ambitions. At EUR we are convinced that the international classroom prepares you for a life and career in today’s increasingly interconnected, globalised world. And there is another great benefit to joining our international programmes: Before you know it, you will have friends from all over the world!

Active participation

Dutch education is famously non-hierarchical: as a student you will often interact with your professors, and find that your active contribution and input is valued. Educational methods at Erasmus University Rotterdam consist of a mix of lectures, seminars, and tutorials. During the lectures our professors – all active international researchers – will provide you with guidance in approaching the often complicated course materials, and give you insights into the latest developments in their field. Most importantly, we expect you to apply the knowledge and skills you gain through the lectures and readings. In seminars and tutorials, you and your peers take the lead: you participate in student discussions and work on projects in small groups. This way, we aim to train your critical and independent thinking skills.

Study success

At Erasmus University Rotterdam we take your ambitions seriously. Our academic teaching staff, student counsellors and mentors will work with you to help you succeed. Experience has taught us that it is really important to get your studies off to a good start. That is why, by the end of the first bachelor year, you will receive a “binding study advice”. Only students with a positive binding study advice can continue their studies. The requirements vary by programme, but all students in our international bachelors are expected to complete their first year courses (60 ECTS) within a year. You will be able to take a limited number of re-sits and you may compensate some fails with one or more passes. And of course, in case of extraordinary circumstances we will look for a reasonable solution to help you satisfy your first year requirements.

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