Erasmus University Campus

At Erasmus University Rotterdam you study on a new, green campus with modern facilities. On Campus Woudestein you attend lectures, study and work on projects with your fellow students. There are a lot of possibilities to spend a great leisure time on campus with your friends as well. For international students, there are several possibilities for on-campus housing. For everyone, the campus is a second home during your studies.

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Scroll through campus, classrooms, and student housing in the virtual experience

Even if you can’t visit the Erasmus University Rotterdam campus in person, you can get a feeling of what it’s like to study here. Check out campus, housing, class, the city, and career experiences as told by our current students and alumni in the Experience.

Study facilities

The campus of Erasmus University offers you the following study facilities:

  • University Library
  • Silence areas
  • Lecture rooms with modern learning facilities
  • Rooms to work on assignments or projects with others
  • Free Wifi

Cultural activities

Erasmus University Studium Generale offers a wide range of cultural activities for students on campus. Most of the activities take place in the Erasmus Paviljoen Theatre. The cultural activities vary:

  • Debates
  • Public lectures
  • Artist performances
  • Cultural student associations (choir, orchestra, dance)
  • Concerts

Studium Generale

Eating facilities

You can have lunch, dinner or just a quick coffee at the:

  • Coffee bars
  • Foodcourt
  • Supermarket
  • Two cafetarias
  • Erasmus Paviljoen Grand Cafe
  • Erasmus Sport Bar

Sport Facilities

You can play various sports right on campus! Erasmus University offers you:

  • Fitness center / Gym
  • Four sports halls
  • Squash halls
  • Bodyfit trainings
  • A sports pass for a student rate
  • Student sports associations, for example in: rowing, soccer, tennis, swimming, basketball

Erasmus Sport

Campus view - Polak Building

The Polak Building is a multi-functional education building that accommodates modern classrooms and study areas.

Campus view - Erasmus Paviljoen

Erasmus Paviljoen: the vibrant cultural heart of the Woudestein campus with a pavilion which houses a theatre, grand café, foyer and an exhibit- & study area.

Other campusses

Erasmus University is located on four campusses. Campus Woudestein is the centre or 'heart' of the university, offering most facilities. The other campusses are the following

  • Campus Hoboken Erasmus Medical Center (Erasmus MC)
  • Campus International Institute of Social Studies The Hague
  • Erasmus University College City Campus