Communication and Media

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Communication and Media

Explore the world of media and its political, economic, and cultural impact. Pursue opportunities for international exchange, and go on to advanced studies or a top-flight career in communications.

Why study International Bachelor Communication and Media in Rotterdam?

The International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM) at Erasmus University takes a comparative, international approach to communication and media studies. The IBCoM programme is taught exclusively in English to a diverse student body from all corners of the world. With extensive opportunities for international exchanges, IBCoM is an excellent stepping stone to advanced studies or a career in communications and related fields.

Another distinctive feature of the IBCoM programme is the IBCoMmunity. We believe that interaction and connection between students is what makes IBCoM thrive as a programme. Your fellow students now will be your colleagues in the future. Therefore, IBCoM strives to be more than just an educational programme. It wants to be an opportunity for you to make friends, build a network and develop yourself by meeting people who all have contrasting opinions. It helps you grow, not just by providing knowledge on communication, but also by helping you gain skills in communication. 

Students about IBCoM

Loredana Schelper

“IBCoM created a comfortable environment for my education, and has been giving me many opportunities to work on myself and improve for the future." 

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Ted Hoogkamer

 "To me, IBCoM is an open-minded, international environment in which any determined individual has the chance to develop himself – both in formal and informal ways.”

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Samar Ahmed 

“IBCoM does not only offer the chance to specialize in multiple directions, it also creates a community where everyone feels connected.” 

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