International Bachelor Communication and Media

Media, telecommunications, computer networks, and creative industries touch many aspects of daily lives and reach every corner of the world. They have had an increasing impact on political and cultural life, and on entire economies across the globe. The shift in our everyday experiences towards enhanced mediation has had enormous consequences. It has transformed international relations and business opportunities, but also citizenship and democracy, cognition and culture, as well as people's personal and working lives. Communication and Media has thus become a vital and rewarding field of study, that will help you understand contemporary global society and to function successfully within it.

What will I learn?

The IBCoM curriculum has been designed to help you:

  • Acquire cutting-edge knowledge in each major area of communication scholarship as well as an in-depth understanding of a number of specialized areas of your choosing.
  • Familiarize yourself with the research methods, the information technology, and the communication techniques at the forefront of scholarship and professional practice in the field.
  • Get the skills you need to find employment as a communications professional and rise to the challenges you will meet in diverse and fast paced working environments.
  • Have excellent opportunities, once you have finished the degree, to pursue advanced studies, both in communications and related fields.

Besides these key features, IBCoM has built-in room for an (international) internship, a minor or exchange experience, a mentor programme that helps new students settle in, as well as extracurricular activities for further engagement and development within the study.

5 Reasons to choose for IBCoM at the EUR

  • IBCoM is the only programme that has been awarded the Distinctive Quality Feature Internationalisation (NVAO) and the European Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation (ECA).
  • IBCoM has the strongest focus on the international labour market.
  • IBCoM is praised by its students as a close-knit program in which no student is anonymous or left behind, because it provides student-centred teaching, personalized attention from both academic and support staff, and a wide range of social activities.
  • IBCoM has many extracurricular options for students that help them further develop their skills and interests, such as taking on an extra academic challenge in the IBCoM Honours Programme for excellent students, writing for our IBCoMagazine, being a mentor and leader in the IBCoMpanion Programme, being an Ambassador, joining committees and councils, and more.
  • IBCoM embraces an interdisciplinary approach, offering a strong basis in communication and media studies, while reaching out to other disciplines and study areas such as economics and business, psychology, political science, international relations and the arts and culture.

Why choose for IBCoM? Carina will tell you!