Key features of the programme

International Bachelor Communication and Media

International curriculum fully taught in English

The International Bachelor's programme in Communication and Media (IBCoM) at Erasmus University is the first programme of its kind at the bachelor's level in the Netherlands: it offers an international perspective on communications and media and is taught exclusively in English. In 2014, the IBCoM programme was granted the NVAO Distinctive Quality Feature Internationalization. Read more

Balanced attention to theory, research and practice

The Netherlands has a so-called binary higher education system. Universities of Applied Sciences, commonly known in Dutch as HBO offer professional oriented training, whereas universities offer research oriented education. The Erasmus University is a research university and within IBCoM research skills and orientation therefore form the underpinning of the programme.

IBCoM, however, strikes the right balance, focusing on theory and research, but also on professional practice, and thus providing you with the comprehensive knowledge and full gamut of skills you need in order to be successful in the demanding and fast-changing environments you will be working in. Read more about IBCoM's curriculum.

Selective and intensive

As it does for its other international programmes, Erasmus is casting a wide net for IBCoM, recruiting from a diverse international student population - but its standards for admissions are high, as they must be for a top-notch programme at the forefront of the discipline. We expect a lot from you, and we give you the tools to meet those expectations, including personally tailored guidance from our renowned faculty.

First-class, cosmopolitan learning environment

As an IBCoM student you will work on your professional and personal development in a setting that advances your ability to relate to people from different cultures. The English speaking environment at Erasmus will help you to maintain or improve your level of proficiency in the language. In your third year, you will also have the opportunity to study at one of our partner universities abroad, and this will enable you to further expand your international experience. Erasmus University is an internationally leading university, which is ranked in the Top 100 QS World University Rankings and in the Top 100 Times Higher Education Rankings. Read more about rankings.

Excellent opportunities for specialisation and advanced studies

The IBCoM curriculum has been designed to help you:

  • Acquire cutting-edge knowledge in each major area of communication scholarship as well as an in-depth understanding of a number of specialized areas of your choosing.
  • Familiarize yourself with the research methods, the information technology, and the communication techniques at the forefront of scholarship and professional practice in the field.
  • Get the skills you need to find employment as a communications professional and rise to the challenges you will meet in diverse and fast paced working environments.
  • Have excellent opportunities, once you have finished the degree, to pursue advanced studies, both in communications and related fields.

Besides these key features, IBCoM has built-in room for an (international) internship, a minor or exchange experience, a mentor programme that helps new students settle in, as well as extracurricular activities for further engagement and development within the study.