International Bachelor Communication and Media 

Orientation events

Visit one of our Bachelor Open Days or become an IBCoM Student for a Day!


Related events 

Get to know the programme

You have the opportunity to visit the faculty and speak with the study advisor and/or student representatives and to attend a first-year lecture. We understand that (international) students are not always able to make it to one of the above mentioned events and therefore also offer the opportunity to arrange a personal meeting with our Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator. Counselors interested in learning more about IBCoM, or who want to arrange a school visit are also welcome to contact her.

‘Get to know IBCoM’ is intended for prospective students:

  1. who have already prepared for the programme by attending an Open Day or thoroughly read the website;
  2. who need to speak with someone directly in order to make their choice of study programme;
  3. who are unable to attend an orientation day.

Facebook chat with our students

Do you want to know what the programme is really like? Or if Rotterdam is a nice place to study and live? Ask somebody who is currently studying IBCoM! Visit our Talk to a Student App, pick the programme of your choice and ask your questions to one of our students via Facebook chat.

You can also keep up to date by following us on Facebook.