Related master programmes

International Bachelor Communication and Media

Upon completion of your Communication and Media Bachelor, it is possible to continue with a master in arts and culture, political communication, international relations and business and communication.

When graduated you are eligible to apply for the following master programmes at the ESHCC:

Media and Business

The Media & Business programme explores the developments in the media landscape and the ways in which media firms and other companies adapt to altering business conditions and new modes of communication and business.

The programme meets the growing demand for academically trained media and communication experts who are able to respond effectively and creatively to changing conditions, complex issues, and new opportunities in media, communication and business.

Media, Culture and Society  

The Media, Culture & Society programme is specifically intended for internationally oriented bachelors in the social sciences or the humanities who aim for a career in the media or cultural industries or who wish to work as policy makers or media experts in government and other organisations.

Research Master in Media Studies (Sociology of Culture, Media and Arts)

This two-year Master's of Science (MSc) programme is specially designed for talented and driven students, who have a nose for research within the field of sociology of culture and in media studies. Students with a relevant Master's diploma are eligible to apply for an abridged version of the programme.

The programme will train you to independently carry out high-quality research, at the same time giving you the chance to more clearly outline your own research interests, with the help of top scholars in the field.