Bachelor Double Degree with Philosophy

The full curriculum contains 90 European credits (EC). The programme offers a set of core philosophy courses which amounts to 63.75 EC. The remaining 26.25 EC are obtained through a specialised set of courses on the philosophy of your own academic discipline (15 EC) and the thesis (11.25 EC). You have the opportunity to embed one of two sets of courses (15 EC) offered in block 1 as a minor for your main programme. It means that you won’t have to take another minor for your main programme.

The main language of the programme is English. However, you can answer the exams in Dutch as well. To prevent clashes with lectures and seminars of your main programme, philosophy courses will be scheduled between 18.00 and 21.30 hrs. The optional tutorials are scheduled in the late afternoon.

In the Double Degree with Philosophy programme we do not work with prerequisite courses, thus you are free to take up philosophy courses as they are scheduled. However, we advise you to follow one of the two standard learning schedules below. However, it is not mandatory to follow learning schedule A or B. Depending upon your individual wishes you can also make your own schedule.

Overview of all courses

Learning Schedule A

Learning Schedule B 

Block 1
Introductory courses
(these four courses can be used as a minor for your main programme)
1a FW-WB3915A The Early Enlightenment 3.75
1a FW-WB3915B Essential Contemporary Challenges 3.75
1b FW-FMC1004A The Quest for Man I 3.75
1b FW-WB3915D Thought Experiments 3.75
Introductory courses
(these four courses can be used as a minor for your main programme)
1a FW-WB3916F General Philosophy of Science 3.75
1a FW-WB3916B Technology and Social Change 3.75
1b FW-WB3916G Critical Creative Reasoning and Problem Solving 3.75
1b FW-WB3916C Critique 3.75
Block 2
Advanced courses
2a FW-FMC1004B The Quest for Man II 3.75
2b FW-WB3915C Ecophilosophy 3.75
2b FW-TF2010 Analytic Metaphysics 3.75
Block 3
Advanced courses
3a FW-HIS1016A The High Enlightenment I 3.75
3b FW-HIS1016B The High Enlightenment II 3.75
3b FW-HIS2020 Descartes and Spinoza 3.75
  FW-DD3195 Thesis 3.75
Block 4
Advanced courses
4a FW-PF1008A Moral, Social and Political Philosophy I 3.75
4b FW-PF1008B Moral, Social and Political Philosophy II 3.75
4b FW-FMC2009 Aesthetics 3.75
  FW-DD3195 Thesis 11,25
Philosophy of an EUR-discipline 15
The EUR discipline courses depend on the main programme and are spread throughout the year. Please pay special attention to when the courses tied to your main programme are scheduled. On this webpage you will find your specific courses.