Double Degree BSc² in Econometrics and Economics

Double Degree in Econometrics and Economics

This programme provides you with an understanding of how economics works, and gives you access to methods for analysing economic problems and calculating their solutions. Are you as ambitious as you are inquisitive?

In the heart of Rotterdam, where business, industry, logistics and culture come together, Erasmus School of Economics offers you a unique opportunity to acquire both an insightful economic rational and practical quantitative econometrical skills in only four years.

Do you have an above-average interest in economic developments, social issues and solving mathematical problems? Are original thoughts your forte? Do you have what it takes to follow two programmes at once? Then the Double Degree BSc2 Economics/Econometrics programme is for you. It allows you to focus on conceptual issues like inflation, profit and turnover as well as quantitative issues like risk, forecasts, uncertainty, probability and scenario. During the Double Degree BSc2 Economics/Econometrics programme you will address issues like:

  • How will energy and commodities prices evolve?
  • How to use big data in advertising to generate a bigger impact?
  • How will changes in unemployment rates affect consumer spending?
  • What can be done to prevent a new ‘Eurozone crisis’?

The double degree BSc² in Econometrics and Economics programme will bring you:

  • extensive knowledge of leading economic theories;
  • the ability to apply mathematics to real-life economic and social issues;
  • the ability to apply your analytical expertise and your social and communication skills in a professional environment.

Erasmus School of Economics offers you:

  • a distinctive double degree, highly valued in both the public and private sector;
  • a unique combination of insights and skills;
  • an international classroom;
  • the cosmopolitan feel of Rotterdam, the heart of Dutch economy;
  • a vast international business and academic network;
  • intensive personal academic support.

Wendelien Bakelaar

“By switching to BSc² I not only satisfied my thirst for knowledge and challenges, it allowed me to become a better econometrician.”

Read Wendelien's story in the brochure