Career opportunities

Double Degree BSc² in Econometrics and Economics

With a degree in Economics or Econometrics the world is your oyster. A double degree will add to your value even more and can take you anywhere, career wise:

• multinationals (in finance, marketing, logistics);
• banks, assurance firms, consultancy firms;
• government agencies, universities (international academic career);
• international organisations like the OECD or the IMF.

The demand for econometrists is booming and earnings among alumni are good. Recently, a research was conducted about the relative market value of certain studies. This is influenced by the duration of unemployment after graduating and the height of the salaries offered. Econometrics comes in second, after dentistry, when looking at net salary after one and a half years. Moreover, studying econometrics offers you a very good chance on getting a job soon after graduating, often you can choose from multiple jobs. Alumni end up at multinational companies, financial services or in logistics. De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch national bank), ministries or the Netherlands Institute for Social Research are also common employers for econometrics alumni. Being an econometrics alumnus thus grants you a privileged position on the labour market. This is also noticeable in the number of internships available; there are more places available than there are students.