Econometrics and Operations Research

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Econometrics and Operations Research

If applying math to real-life issues sounds like the challenge for you.

Why study International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research in Rotterdam?

Do you have a profound interest in the origins and evolvement of economic issues? Are you interested in applying mathematical and statistical techniques to help answer economic questions?

Would you like to be able to develop and use your own models to define and explain reality systematically? Are you self-motivated and eager to study with international students?

If so, International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research with mathematics, statistics and economics at its core is the programme for you. It enables you to take on complex issues like:

  • How will the price of energy and commodities evolve over the coming years?
  • How can queue times in hospitals be reduced?
  • How can advertising in online media be based on big data?
  • How can public transport planning be improved?

In Rotterdam you can find plenty of industry, logistics, culture, architecture and finance. It’s also the place where modern econometrics saw the light of day with the acclaimed Econometric Institute, founded in 1956. With this solid foundation, the world within reach and every opportunity to kick-off a great career, where else would you want to study but Erasmus School of Economics?

The International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research programme will bring you:

  • a unique combination of theory and practice;
  • intensive individual academic support;
  • an international classroom and cosmopolitan atmosphere;
  • a vast international business and academic network;
  • a highly valued education with graduates in top positions in every sector.

Balsa Radulovic

“So for all of you interested in this programme: find your passion, participate in events and combine the skills in Econometrics with your dreams!”

Read Balsa's story in the brochure