Related master programmes

International Bachelor History

The master History of Society at Erasmus University has topped the rankings for best history master in the Netherlands for the last couple of years. Next to the Dutch specialisation Dutch History in a Global Context we offer the English specialization Global History and International Relations:

Global History and International Relations 

The specialisation Global History and International Relations highlights the rise and fall of empires and the emergence of international relations. In addition it focuses on paradoxical processes of cultural homogenisation and increasing emphasis on cultural diversity in debates on national histories and heritage programmes. This specialisation teaches you to recognise and analyse global histories and local consequences; and the changing challenges of states, increasing interest in international relations and growing nationalism and the rising importance of cultural heritage and national histories from the early modern world to the world of today.

Media Studies

If you studied subjects related to public history and culture and when you also have a minor in Communication & Media, you may be admissible to the master programme in Media Studies. The Media Studies master programme alternates theory and research with journalistic practice and media policy and management.