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Bachelor in Management of International Social Challenges

A Bachelor degree in Management of International Social Challenges (Public Administration) provides you with an excellent basis to pursue a master at Erasmus University or elsewhere. At Erasmus University Rotterdam we offer various specialisations within the master programmes in Sociology and Public Administration:

  • International Public Management and Policy. Learn more about the increasingly international nature of public management and public policy-making.
  • Governance of Migration and Diversity. You will learn how public and private organisations can respond to the opportunities and challenges offered by migration and diversity.
  • Management of Governance Networks. How to tackle a complex societal and health problem like obesity? You will learn to analyse, solve and manage complex societal problems within the public sector.

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  • Management & Organisation. You will gain sociological insights into the development, variety and impact of the changing nature of work.
  • Politics & Society. You will gain insights on the interplay between society and politics in times of globalisation and individualisation. 
  • Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts (research master). You will learn the skills required for pursuing an academic career. 
  • Urban Studies. You will get acquainted with both the main scientific theories on urban diversity and inequality, and with policies devised to deal with contemporary urban problems. 

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