Career opportunities

International Bachelor Psychology

Studying Psychology can open a multitude of doors. For example, you may want to follow a career  as a trainer, selection and assessment advisor, HR consultant, coach or occupational health professional, but also as a researcher at companies and organisations, such as educational consultancies, school inspection services or research agencies. But the knowledge within Psychology is also the basis for all other things, it does not limit you once you have finished your studies Furthermore, a master’s degree in Psychology provides you with a solid basis to pursue a PhD. Beside the programme it’s good to know that the faculty offers workshops based on the needs of the students in case of career development. 

If you want to become a clinical psychologist or healthcare professional, it is important to realise that a Bachelor's and a Master's course are insufficient. In the Netherlands, postdoctoral training for clinical psychologists is required. If you want to become a clinical psychologist in another country, different requirements may apply. These requirements are usually determined by psychologists' national associations.