Wi-Fi Network Access at EUR

Many locations at the Woudestein campus are provided with facilities which allow portable devices (laptops, notebooks, smartphones, etc.) to access the university network. The places where these facilities are offered are called HotSpots.

An ERNA userid and password is required to obtain access to the network. The use of the WiFi HotSpot infrastructure is possible for all types of mobile devices if they comply with the technical requirements described in this document.

Do you want direct access to the Internet using your laptop or Smartphone?
You can use the eduroam network with your account and password.

Manuals and Documentation

Summary Network Configuration

SSID eduroam (802.1x)

 Use and network configuration (wireless)
Access eduroam Students and employees of the EUR and other educational institutions affiliated to eduroam
Ethernet card (WLAN) configuration concerning IP Use DHCP
Netwerkauthenticatie / encryption

802.1x WPA2 / AES (Enterprise)

Server certificate validation auth4mobile.eur.nl
Trusted root authorities AddTrust External CA Root
Security Protocol Microsoft Protected EAP (PEAP) / MSCHAP v2
ERNA-id Students: 123456ab@eur.nl
Employees: 12345abc@eur.nl
Guests from other eduroam affiliated institutions have to authenticate with: Username@institutiondomain for example user@tudelft.nl

SSID Suppliers-EUR (VPN)

 Use and network configuration (wireless)
Access guest Anyone who can make use of an existing VPN-service (EUR- or external VPN server)
Ethernet IP configuration Use DHCP
Supported VPN protocols PPTP and IPsec
Netwerkauthenticatie / encryption WPA2-PSK / TKIP / AES
Password supplier

Use of HotSpots by Third Parties (eduroam)

  • Students and employees from other educational institutes can make use of the EUR HotSpots. The institutions discussed here participate in the eduroam. This covers most universities and colleges in the Netherlands and a growing number abroad. These users may obtain access to the network using their userid and password for their own (home) institution. This is network is called Eduroam, for more information see the Eduroam information site:
  • Students and employees of the EUR can make use in a similar fashion of the HotSpots of the other institutions participating in eduroam.
  • A facility is offered especially for visitors from institutions which do not participate in eduroam. These visitors can connect through the HotspOts to a VPN server belonging to their organisation which is also called the home setting (see SSID guest above).

Wi-Fi and Wired HotSpots

A distinction is made between two types of HotSpots. On the one hand there are the locations where wireless access is offered. These are the Wireless HotSpOts, sometimes designated as Wi-Fi, Wireless or WLAN access (on the basis of the standards 802.11 a/g/n). Older types of wireless ethernet cards with 802.1b (11 Mbti/sec) functionality are not usable.

On the other hand there are also the Plugin HotSpots. These are locations where access can be obtained to the cable network. A computer can be connected to the network with a cable (UTP Ethernet, 100 or 1000 Mbit/sec). These Plugin points can be found at the university library, the conference centre in the G building and some more locations.

Within the EUR buildings on the Woudestein Campus the HotSpot locations are indicated by notices with recognisable red pictograms.


Mobile computers could pose threats for the continuity of the network and computer infrastructure. To limit the risks, privileges on the wireless network are restricted. This could mean that you might not be able to access the same services through the wireless network or that you would have to access them in a different way than from your workstation or from supervised computer labs. To avoid the spread of viruses on the wireless network, direct internal communication between PC's (laptops) has been blocked.


You are responsible for installing the necessary software and the configuration of your system. At this site you may find a number of supporting documents concerning configuration of wireless network and plugin hotspots. If you need any assistance, any questions about the WLAN and the Plug-in service please contact the USC IT-Desk.

General Conditions

The regulation "Use policy for computer and network facilities of the Erasmus University" applies to the use of the aforementioned facilities. In perspective of this, you should explicitly make sure that you have installed anti-virus software and other security related on your device.