Working on tomorrow's campus

In 2007, the development process kicked off with a competition challenging architects to create a vibrant heart for the campus. In the run-up to the ‘Erasmus 2013’ strategy document, it became evident that along with the ambition to realize a vibrant heart, parties emphatically wished to develop a high-quality campus able to accommodate future growth. On several occasions, the overall design was updated and reviewed with all concerned – both inside and outside the university.
This process enhanced both the quality of and the support for the plans.

The university’s Executive Board and Deans feel the upgrading of the campus to be imperative to meet international standards. This first phase was an important step towards realizing the ambitions of Erasmus University Rotterdam. A step towards realizing a world-class sustainable campus – a place for all the world to feel at home in!

1st phase

In 2010, the EUR started work on the 1st phase of Campus under Construction. In the academic year 2013-2014, the Erasmus University is celebrated its 100th Anniversary and the 1st construction phase was completed.

The result? A campus with a clear layout, more greenery, fewer cars and a cultural and vibrant campus heart - as well as increased student accommodation. Campus under Construction I will give you an overview of this construction phase.

2nd phase

Following a careful decision-making process, the Erasmus University Rotterdam started the execution of the 2nd phase of Campus under Construction in 2013. All being well, this phase should be completed in the academic year 2016 - 2017. During the 2nd phase, the EUR is working on creating a challenging environment which enhances studying and working. For instance, there will be more small lecture rooms, study areas and facilities. Campus under Construction II will give you more details on this phase.


After 2016, campus developments look set to continue. Plans for the 3rd phase comprise of the renovation of building H. Depending on the developments in student numbers and staff over the coming years, it may be either decided to have outdated buildings demolished, or for the university to expand further. The EUR's ambitions and plans are for an entirely up-to-the-minute campus by 2020.


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