opening park, football & festival

On the first of June the campus of the Erasmus University will be full of energy! This day is called 'Get Your Energy Day'. This is a unique collaboration between the Erasmus University and three organizations. The three organisations STAR, JFR and the Smitse will organize a day to never forget. On this special day ‘the park behind the C-building’ will be opened through an incredible soccer tournament. At this tournament several teams will compete against each other. Did you always want to see your professor play soccer? This is your chance! The teams will consist of professors, employees and students of the Erasmus University. We will finish with a beautiful award ceremony!

Do you think that you will be thirsty after this tournament and do you want to reload your energy? You should come to the Open EUR Festival!!! This will be the first edition of a promising festival. Well-known and emerging dj’s, fun bands and food trucks will take-over the Erasmus Plaza! Not only there is great music, but also there are various activities, like a rodeo bull in the shape of a beer bottle! At 16:00 the first beers will be consumed. BIG artists, cheap beer, A LOT OF SUN and FREE entrance. Who doesn’t want that? Invite all your friends and put on your party clothes! We will take care of the rest!

The official opening of the new park will be held on Thursday 1 June. At 2.30 p.m., Bart Straatman, member of the Executive board, will officially open the park by unveiling the park’s new name. Following this, he will give the signal for the start of a football match between Excelsior and our own student team, which will kick off a football tournament between student teams and staff teams on the park’s sport fields.


12.30 p.m.:      Soccer tournament students
14.15 p.m.:       Ontvangst genodigden bij Collegelaan/Institutenlaan
14.30 p.m.:      Officiële opening door Bart Straatman
14.45 p.m.:       Bart Straatman opens the tournament with the fluctuation signal for the match
                         studenten – team Excelsior
14.45 p.m.:       Match students – team Excelsior
15.00 p.m.:      Start soccer tournament students ands staff
15.00 p.m.:      Start Open EUR festival with bands, drinks and bites (In de Smitse)

                        The Open EUR festival will close at 1 a.m.

16.00 p.m.:      Women’s final and after that the men’s final
17.00 p.m.:      Award ceremony soccer tournament