C-party: a success in every respect

On Friday 27 May, the grandest of good-bye parties was held for the C-building in its present state, organized by EFR. Way even before the big day, party-goers harboured high expectations: tickets were sold out a week in advance and certain clever types made a packet selling them on via the internet.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Marc Julianus, EFR:  ‘It was a brilliant party. The hall looked super, the atmosphere was good and everything went smoothly. Everybody I talked to afterwards was really enthusiastic.’

The C-Hall is certainly unique as party venues go: only once in its history was a similar-size party held there and that was decades ago. On 27 May, there were 2.000 guests, who let everything hang loose to the tunes of the Hermes House Band, Heksenketel and Jens Timmermans and Dennis Verheugd from Radio 538.

Marc: ‘The organizational part went pretty well, too. We have worked our butts off for it, together with Erasmus Facility Services. In 6 weeks’ time, we got a party off the ground that would normally have taken almost 6 months.’

Daisy Zevenbergen (EFB) could only confirm. ‘From an organizational point of view, most things went quite smoothly. There were only a few minor things that didn’t.’ EUR’s Head of Securiy Services Jelle Jager was satisfied, too. No incidents worth mentioning took place, although on the night itself, about 30 people without entrance tickets were spotted. Hats off to Security! And it went to show how popular the C party was.

Erasmus University Rotterdam