Successful relocation campus trees

It couldn’t not be noticed: the looks of Woudestein campus have changed considerably over the past few months. To allow for the construction of the new campus heart, 180 trees had to go down. Fortunately, there is also good news: 71 trees were able to be preserved for Woudestein and replanted. These were mainly sycamore, lime and alder trees.

Erasmus University RotterdamThe replanted trees were given a new location by the ‘noordwal’ (a strip of woodland next to parking lot P5), the tennis courts, entrance A-building and the woodland garden opposite the F-building.

The entire replanting process was carried out with the utmost care. The trees were replanted with a sizeable rootball with a minimum diameter of 8 times the trunk. In preparation for the relocation of the larger trees, a spacious circle was cut out around the roots. They were then left like this for about 12 weeks. The rootballs of the largest trees – the sycamores – were wrapped up with foil to limit dehydration. Because of the weight of the sycamore trees, the trunks were pierced through and through so they could be hoisted up with metal bars. Mesh handling could have damaged the bark of the trees. The holes in the trunks will heal up completely in 3 to 4 years’ time.

Now the replanting process is finished, the trees are to receive aftercare for 3 whole years: a yearly dose of fertilizer, pruning the crown and trimming off dead branches. The rootball of the replanted trees will also be watered. Around each tree, a rim of earth has been made so that the tree can absorb all of the water. In summers with extreme heat, they will receive extra water. This care is an important step into the direction of a renewed, green campus.

Erasmus University RotterdamHealthy tree trunks of felled trees are given a second life in the wood processing industries. Other tree parts are used as a source of energy in bio mass plants, which has a positive impact on CO² emissions as fewer fossile fuels are used this way.
GreenEUR do their bit for the environment by building a log cabin in front of the E-building, using felled tree trunks.

At the end of the day, the trees that are now gone will be replaced by new ones, thus restoring the balance of green.