'A shiny new Etude'

After nearly twelve weeks, the Etude reopened its doors again in September. Apart from noise nuisance, dust and a packed Carrousel, the refurbishment resulted in a bright new Etude. Project manager Cihan Daskapan summed up the process succinctly but meaningfully: ‘high ambitions, snappy project planning, great cooperation’.

What the Etude really used to be was a canteen. Ambitions were to turn it into a proper restaurant, which could be used outside of lunch hours – and this is exactly what has been done. Except for lunches, you can now also go there to work and lounge.

The less strong points of the old Etude have been redressed in the new design. The new Etude has modern furnishings, a more noticeable and spacious entrance, clear layout, but above all: lots of atmosphere! This is mainly due to the fact that furnishings have been done on a human scale.

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam 
Between the big columns, the new Etude has a central axis. Along and on this axis, various functions, furnishing elements, and areas have been positioned, each with a different feel to them. Alongside the façade, on the raised floor, there is the lounge corner, also with tall tables. Between the columns, there is the picnic area, perfect for largish groups. Alongside the façade on the C-square, the classic area with its classic furnishings may be found: high-backed benches, with individual tables and chairs.  Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

The biggest challenge of the project was the incredibly tight time table in which it had to be designed and carried out. Cihan: ‘thanks to thorough preparations, we were quickly able to draw up a plan that could be carried out within no time. In January, the project team got started and the first design sketches were made. A team consisting of an architect, kitchen adviser, mechanical engineering adviser, electrotechnical adviser and internal stakeholders have been wracking their brains for months in order to come up with a design that met demands, both regarding ambitions and finances'

 Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

After a closure of twelve weeks, caterer Albron was able to start work in the Etude. Erasmus Facility Services and the entire project team wish students and employees of Erasmus University Rotterdam an enjoyable time in the new Etude!