New house style for Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam has a new house style. In the coming months the new corporate identity, designed by design agency Fabrique, will be gradually phased in. The new house style does not apply to Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), Erasmus MC, ISS and some private limited companies (BVs). They will continue to use their own house style.

Why a new house style?

The new house style better reflects the brand identity and international ambitions of Erasmus University Rotterdam, as put down in the EUR strategic Plan ‘Impact & Relevance 2014-2018’. Furthermore, the digital applicability of the new house style is much better for websites and social media like Facebook and Twitter, for example.

We have chosen a special, characteristic visual language. By zooming in on the Erasmus signature, round and square shapes are created and used in our communications. In combination with their own faculty or institutional colour, each faculty or institute uses a unique set of shapes which gives them their own identity and brand recognition. At the same time, the mutual cohesion between all the corporate and faculty communications will be more visible, based on the idea: unity in diversity. 

The corporate logo has been adjusted to improve legibility and recognition. The signature of Desiderius Erasmus and the English (!) university name are no longer squeezed together which improves readability. Faculties and institutes now have their own word marks. The colours of faculties and institutes have largely stayed the same, just refreshed here and there. We will also be using the Museo Sans font in print and offline.


International recognition

Last week, the new house style was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award in the category Brand Design & Identity. The ‘Red Dot’ Communication Design Awards are among the most important design awards in the world and have been presented by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany since 1955. In 16 categories, no less than 7,096 projects were submitted this year from 49 different countries. An international jury evaluated all the entries for originality, clarity and craftsmanship.

Please view the entry.


Further info

Questions or remarks on the new house style can be mailed to: