Do you have a question concerning the house style or printing matters? Contact the house style coordinator of your faculty or organisational unit.

Promotional material events
Planning to represent the EUR at an event? The International Office offers several recruitment- and promotionmaterials to help you present the right image of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Read more.

Design agencies
Erasmus University Rotterdam works with six selected design agencies, operating on two so-called 'plots': 1) Design and DTP General; 2) Design and DTP Periodicals. Click here or an overview of agencies.

Orders for printed matter can be sent to one of our selected printers. Click here or an overview.

Translation agency
Business Translation Services (BTS) in Rotterdam is the only official partner for translation services, which means that Erasmus University Rotterdam is not allowed to work with any other translation agency. 

Advice on house style
Jiska Verschoor
T (010) 408 1239