Exchange possibilities

If you want to broaden your horizon, come into contact with different cultures and have a great time in a multi- faceted city, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) offers specialised non-degree courses combined with a dynamic student life. With exchange relations with more than 330 universities in nearly 60 countries worldwide, EUR offers exchange students from around the world the opportunity to enrich their degrees with an international perspective.  

Exchange possibilities How to prepare The Netherlands

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'Pursue your international ambitions - Study Abroad in Rotterdam'

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"Rotterdam has the appeal and feel of a small city, but the benefits and size advantages of a large metropolis."


"I have met some amazing people who are the most incredible, fun and intelligent individuals I could ask to spend this time with."


"I don’t think I had any scary experiences since I got here."


I think the best question to ask is to all non-exchange students: Why aren’t you on exchange?