Email at the EUR

The mail service is offered to employees and students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam for work and study purposes.


Details on student email can be found on 24eur7.


Employees can use their Outlook mail. Moreover, they can access their email anywhere using their webmail mailbox.

Antispam, antivirus and attachment controll

Email is scanned for spam characteristics and checked for the presence of viruses, and also for the file extension of a possible attachment. Some file extensions are refused because of danger for your IT-workstation. A common list of extensions is used to protect the IT-environments of the EUR.

Quotum mailbox

Standard size of an employee mailbox on the central mail server:

500 MB
2,5 GB archive

Once the mailbox reaches 85% of the quota allowed, the PC mail client will be able to indicate this. The mail server runs a daily routine that determines whether the limit of 85% of a mailbox is exceeded. In that case, the user will receive an email with the request to clean up the mailbox. As soon as 100% of the quota is reached, no more mail will be delivered. The mail server will still attempt to deliver the email for 5 more days.

Allowed size of an email

The central email relays and the central mail servers of the EUR accept email up to a size of 100 MB.