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Outlook Web Access (OWA) users

I am using OWA with a browser and it does not work or the screen looks different, why?
OWA can be used with various types of Internet browsers, most optimal is Microsoft Internet Explorer (minimum version 6). An up to date version of Firefox will also work, but with possible decreased functionality and integration with your PC's system software.

Can I leave OWA untouched in a logged on status
Yes, but after a certain period of inactivity in "public computer" or "light version" mode your session will be automatically ended to protect your data. This prevents others using your opened e-mail session. 
 There will not be a timeout in "Private" computer mode.

Where in OWA can I find which rights others do have in my my calendar?
In OWA, go to the Calendar section and go to 'share' in the menu to inspect who has what rights to your agenda.

Can I grant rights to a colleague in OWA to manage my e-mail?
No, you require Office Outlook.

Is it possible to set OWA in another language?
Yes, via preferred settings. However, you are recommend to also use the same language in OWA (besides Office Outlook).

Microsoft Outlook users

Do  I need to use Office Outlook on my computer?
No, usually OWA will be sufficient for personal use. For advanced usage Office Outlook is preferred, i.e. applicable to secretariats and similar environments. If you use a laptop and travel a lot without an internet connection, Office Outlook 2013 is also preferred.

Can I only use Office Outlook 2013?
Office Outlook 2003 and Office Outlook 2007 can also be used, although these older versions of Office Outlook are limited in features and capabilities.

Can I have multiple Exchange accounts in Office Outlook?

I want to configure Office Outlook into another language, is this possible?
Yes in the preferred settings of Office.

Mobile Access users and Synchronization

Can I use my mobile device to synchronize with Exchange? 

Yes, but you need an exchange- compatible mail/calendar application installed on your device. It is most optimal to have your mobile device directly connected to your Exchange data on the server by using mobile Internet or an Internet connection via the PC.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Can I still use Thunderbird for my email?
Yes, Thunderbird provides you access to your email. More optimal is to use OWA for the basics and Office Outlook for advanced usage.

I see many unexpected folders, why?
Your email inbox is under Inbox with all the subfolders, but at the level of Inbox you will see the folders of your Exchange account. Do not remove it, they belong to your data. Advice is to change folders under Inbox like Trash, Sent etc that Thunderbird default uses to directories of the same type at the highest level. Then move all the messages in these folders under the Inbox folder to the newly created folders. You will see all mail together in both OWA and Thunderbird.

Are there tools available for converting data from Thunderbird to Outlook?
Thunderbird is not suitable for automatic data and profile conversion to Outlook. However, you can easily move locally stored e-mail and folders with Thunderbird to your online mailbox.

Will Thunderbird eventually expire as email application?
Yes, on the office PC workstations Thunderbird will eventually be replaced by OWA or Outlook. In Thunderbird the integration and cooperation of all data is not as evolved as in OWA or Outlook Office.


What are my login details for my Exchange account?
You use your ERNA-ID and password.

What is the name of the server?
The mail server name: exchange.eur.nl

How much storage is available?
You have 3 GB storage including Online Archive

How can I access my email and my calendar?
For anyone with a browser OWA is available and offers access to all your Exchange data. Using the URL exchange.eur.nl you can open your mail and agenda via Outlook Web Access. See also: Start Guide E-Mail and Calendar (dutch version).

Can I use multiple products such as OWA, Office Outlook Mobile Access?
Yes, the Exchange server stores your data centrally; every product works with that data.

How do I have someone else manage my Exchange data, for example, a secretary who controls my e-mail and / or calendar?
Management rights on your Exchange calendar account are given via OWA. Office Outlook however, also lets you do this for calendar, email and contacts on a more detailed level.

Can you set colors to a new meeting?
Yes, this can as applied to other Exchange items.

How large is the overall allowed size of the attachments in an email?
The maximum size of the attachment may not exceed 20Mb.

Can I use my Exchange account for more than just send e-mail?
Yes, almost all types of data such as e-mail messages, appointments, tasks (including delegate), contacts and distribution lists can easily be sent to a colleague.

Can I use filter rules?
Yes, you should make your Exchange filter rules in OWA or Outlook to have these filter rules on your account remain active if you are not logged on.