Print, copy and scanning at EUR

You can print, copy, scan and OCR on Woudestein campus with Follow-You printing, a campus-wide facility that allows you to send a print command from your campus workstation as well as your laptop, smartphone, tablet or workplace at home. Collect your printed documents from the Ricoh Follow-You printers within 24 hours. For an overview of printer locations read more.

Linking to an ERNA account and print credit

Go to and log in with your ERNA account.. Read more (chapter 3).


You can print in a number of ways: directly from your campus workstation, with your smartphone or tablet, via the myPrint website, from your own laptop or home PC, or by e-mail. Read more (chapter 4).

Scanning or copying

Log in on a Ricoh Follow-You printer (e.g. in the Polak Building) and follow the steps in the instructions on the printer or read more (chapter 5 and 6).


Prices for printing, copying and scanning read more (chapter 8)

Not an EUR student or staff member?

No ERNA account? Read more about printing or copying facilities on campus, or inquire about the options at the information desks of the University Library. You find these in the University Library or the Polak Building, 4th floor.


Report a printer malfunction to the USC Frontoffice (010-408 8880 or, or on workdays from 09.00 till 17.00 hours to a service employee at the information desk (University Library or Polak Building, 4th floor).


Are you aware of copyright? Read chapter 9.7 Copyright of the 2017/2018 Students' charter.

Where to find the Student printers on EUR campus?

For an overview of student printers available on Woudestein campus, read more.