Employee information

Email and internet access for employees

All new staffmembers of Erasmus University Rotterdam will receive an ERNA-account.
This account is essential to be able to use the computer, information and network facilities of the University (like your local computer, online agenda, e-mail, electronic learning environment and Internet).

Authentication and authorization

A number of data are recorded any employee when beginning their employment at the EUR. This involves data that can be used to identify an employee in the framework of access to a multitude of internet and intranet services and benefits. These services and benefits consist, among other things, of the ERNA mailbox and  the online education system, the online election system (the university council and faculty councils, among others), library information services, etc.

  • Email address:
    The address where you can be reached via electronic mail.
  • ERNA mail user name:
    The (log-in) name you must use in combination with the ERNA password to gain access to your ERNA mailbox at the central mail server for employees.
  • ERNA password:
    The initial password that must be used in combination with the user names mentioned above. We urgently request that you change this initial password the first time you use the service! (Click here to change your password)

    The ERNA user name/password combination gives you access to a multitude of services and benefits. The information you can consult and process (modify) via these services often has a confidential and personal nature. We stress that strict confidentiality of your ERNA password must be observed (see also the computer and network use regulations). So do NOT "loan" your ERNA user name/password combination to anyone.


@wEURk is the workplace environment for employees and students of the EUR. It is a flexible and uniform workstation. This means that they are able to perform their ICT related activities at different locations. Also from home.The implementation of @wEURk takes place at the second half of 2014. More information>>>

Questions and information

For further information and questions about the use of the above-mentioned provisions please contact the servicedesk.

Rights and obligations

The use of the computer and network provisions of the EUR and the ERNA facilities is subject to the rules for the Use policy for computer and network facilities of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. A copy of these regulations are available for inspection at all counters of faculty support sites. The integral text of these regulations is available in digital form.

Inclusion in online address system

Your name, title, email address, telephone and fax numbers, department, room number and street address are included in the Erasmus Addressbook. Your email client can furthermore easily be linked to this address system. The data for this address system are derived from the personnel information system of the EUR.