By means of an ERNA email account, obtained via the 'Former EUR employees arrangement', former Erasmus University employees can continue to use a number of ICT services after retirement or early retirement that were also available to them while they were working at the EUR.


  • mailbox 500mb
  • VPN access
  • access to WIFI

To obtain such an account, one must apply to the manager of the organisation section where the former employee was working before termination of employment. To do so, the form below must be filled out and signed, and sent to the ERNA administration. The former employee must extend his participation in this arrangement every year by January 1 via the special form.

Permission from the relevant manager is not necessary for extension. All provisions are made available on the same conditions and at the same costs as apply to current employees. Former employees must call the helpdesk of the entity submitting the application below for support, questions and problems related to content with respect to installation and the use of your mailbox and other services, as well as for changing ERNA passwords.


Name (incl. initials and prefixes): _______________________________________
Personal address: _______________________________________
Postal code: _______________________________________
City: _______________________________________
Telephone number: _______________________________________
Formerly employed at (Eur organisation section): _______________________________________
Retired/early retirement as of: _______________________________________
EUR-peinsy number/ERNA user name: _______________________________________
(prior to retirement)  

The applicant, who is the manager of the organisation section of the Erasmus University where the former employee was employed prior to termination of employment, gives his approves for providing the former employee with an ERNA account and accepts the ‘Former EUR employee Arrangement for ERNA dial-in’.


manager: __________________________ Date: _____________________

We only process completely filled-out and signed forms! ERNA Account Information (to be filled in by the ERNA administration) These data are input in ‘lower-case’

Erna-password: _______________________________
Mail-username: pns-___________________________
Mail Address: __________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________

Please print out this form and sent it to:

Verlenging oud medewerkers
t.a.v. Servicedesk SSC ICT (H02-01)
Burg. Oudlaan 50
3062 PA Rotterdam