A number of ICT provisions of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) are made available to EUR students for the duration of their studies. When they first register, all students are given the so-called ERNA access code (user name/password combination) so they can use these provisions. This ERNA code provides students with access to the EURnet, among other things (the Erasmus University network) and the Internet via:

  • The “permanent” wireless and plug-in student worksites in building G
  • The “permanent” student worksites (PC rooms) at faculties and the University library
  • The plug-in and the wireless of WI-FI network of the EUR (EUR-HotspOts)

Furthermore, the student has available an ERNA account with a 24EUR7 mailbox, calendar and networkstorage on the bases of the ERNA code mentioned above. This provision enables students to communicate via electronic mail (email).


All students are assigned authentication data when they first register at the EUR, after identifying themselves. These involve data that give the student access to a multitude of internet and intranet services and benefits, which consist, among other things, of the previously mentioned 24EUR7 account and the ERNA dial-in provision, the online election system (university council and faculty councils, among other things), library information services etc. Please visit our portal
You will find the following data on the note accompanying your student ID:

  • Email address:
    The address under which you can be reached by electronic mail.
  • ERNA user name:
    The name under which you will be known at the EURnet and the services and benefits available on it, including the wireless network, the central dial-in provision, the Faculty and University library PC rooms, digital learning environment, UB databanks, etc.
    With this user name you can also log in to 24EUR7
  • ERNA password:
    The initial password that must be used in combination with the user names mentioned above. You are urgently requested to change this initial password when you first use it! (for this the facility click here)

    The ERNA user name/password combination gives you access to a multitude of services and benefits. The information that you can consult and process (modify) via these services often has a privacy-sensitive nature, confidential and personal. We emphasise in this context that strict confidentiality of your ERNA password is necessary (see also the regulations for theUse policy for computer and network facilities). Therefore, do NOT ‘loan out’ your ERNA username / password.


24EUR7 can be accessed via the internet. On the campus services on the EURnet and on the Internet are accessible via the “permanent” worksites in the PC rooms of the faculties and the University library, via the wireless network or EUR-HotspOts and via the ERNA dial-in provision from the worksite at home.
For access to the EUR-HotspOts students must provide their own laptop computer.


The use of computer and network provisions of the EUR and the ERNA facilities is subject to the rules for the use of computer and network provisions of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. A copy of these regulations is available for inspection at all counters of the faculty support points. The integral text of these regulations is available in electronic form.


Support the facilities of electronic communication during the studies and in education, the EUR makes an online directory available on the Intranet. This directory lists the name, title, phone and fax numbers, department name, room number and email address, among other things, of EUR personnel members. Considering the importance of the use of email within the EUR in the framework of study and education, the EUR attaches great value to the fact that also a limited number of student data are included in the directory service. Name, title, email address and major field of study are listed for students. Considering the legal regulations, students must give explicit permission to have their data listed in the EUR Directory Service. You are presented the option to indicate this via the registration form.