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I have forgotten my password. How can I access my documents in SkyDrive?

If you have forgotten your password for 24EUR7, you will have to adjust your password settings at

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How can I import my SIN-Online timetable in 24EUR7?

See the instructions how to do this on this website.

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Can I configure my 24EUR7 account on my Smartphone or tablet?

Yes, that’s possible, if your device is supporting ActiveSync or IMAP you can install 24EUR7 based on the instructions, on this website.

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What is 24EUR7?

With 24EUR7, Erasmus University Rotterdam provides its students with email, a digital calendar, online Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote), storage facilities, and instant messaging. Students at Erasmus University Rotterdam have access to 24EUR7 with their ERNA account.

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What is the maximum size of a file stored in OneDrive?

The maximum size of a file that can be stored is 10 GB.

This website gives you information on 24EUR7 (read: 'twenty-fur-seven'). With 24EUR7, EUR provides its students with access to email, a digital calendar, storage facilities*, and instant messaging*. All students can access 24EUR7 with their ERNA account.